Board Members

There are five (5) members of the Board of Directors for the District who own land subject to taxation in the District:

  • John Harris, President (Term Expires: 6/1/25)
  • Heath J. Marek, Vice President (Term Expires: 6/1/27)
  • Savannah Crihfield, Secretary (Term Expires: 6/1/25)
  • Damaris Watson, Assistant Secretary (Term Expires: 6/1/27)
  • Clifton C. Cadle, Assistant Secretary (Term Expires: 6/1/25)

Meeting Location

The district generally meets at Santa Fe Administration and Activities Building at:
1680 Road 3549, Cleveland, Texas 77327; Meetings are open to the public.

Pursuant to Section 49.062, Texas Water Code, a written request of at least five registered voters may be submitted to the Board of Directors requesting the Board of Directors to designate a meeting place within the District. If no suitable meeting place exists inside the District, the Board may designate a meeting place outside the District that is located not further than 10 miles from the boundary of the District. If the Board of Directors fails to designate a meeting place within the district or not further than 10 miles from the boundary of the District, after the receipt of such petition, five registered voters may petition the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to designate a meeting location.

Meeting Documents

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2023 | Archives

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